Christ Is Risen!

We are truly convinced that this was an actual event that has direct impact on our lives. And this is an important occasion to rejoice!

Of course, many of us are familiar with the traditional expressions of Easter: chocolate bunnies, egg hunts in the yard, and decorations in pastel colors.

However, it is difficult to image that Christ and the apostles practiced any of this. This means that Easter is something completely different. And definitely much deeper than the bustle that we are busy with.

We want to introduce you to the true meaning of Easter. Together, we want to read what the eyewitnesses tell of this event: the women who came to the tomb in the morning, Peter, who denied Christ on the eve of His death, and the soldiers who witnessed that the stone was rolled away by Jesus Himself.

Reading these accounts, how can we live in light of these events that happened 2,000 years ago? How can we even believe in this? And frankly, how is this a holiday for us? What is so special about it?

These messages have been preached at Word of Grace Bible Church:

If you find Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, then these messages of His resection may be a blessing for you during this Easter week:

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Let the true meaning of Easter inspire you and give you hope. We have something to celebrate!