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Dear parents, as you have heard pastor Alexey mention in his sermon last Sunday, we invite all parents to a very important seminar this Sunday night. It is dedicated to the theme of "Smartphone and your Child’s Soul". We will speak about some of the challenges that we currently face, as well as some practical ways we can address those challenges. Even if your teenager does not have a smartphone you are invited to come, because the questions that we will be considering are very relevant for you as a parent.
Our annual Pastor's Conference took place In March of this year. It was titled “Spiritual Fatherhood" and it gathered more than 630 people from 12 different countries. The organizers of this conference are very thankful for all of the brothers and sisters who prayed for this event; these prayers are incredibly important for our ministry. The main goal of these annual conferences is to support and equip church ministers from different cities and countries. The Lord abundantly blessed the conference this year with in-depth sermons that touched upon important topics relevant to the ministers, as well as through brotherly fellowship. The video and audio archives of the conference are available in Russian on our website: www.slovo.org.
March 1-4th, 2018 is the annual conference for pastors which will be held in the city of Battle Ground, WA (USA). This year’s topic will be "Spiritual Fatherhood.” The goal of this conference is to dive into God's word and to understand the key truths of the multifaceted topic of spiritual fatherhood. We ask that you would join us in prayer, that the Lord would bless the preparations for this event, and that these few days, through the work of the Holy Spirit, would open a new dimension in the ministry of many pastors to their congregations, families, and fellow ministers. Please pray for the safe travels of all those who are coming to the conference from other cities and countries. You can sign up for this event on our website.
The Word of Grace Bible Institute has concluded its online seminars titled "How to Study the Bible" and "Luther and the Reformation." A new session will begin on January 9th and will run until March 19th. It is titled "New Testament Survey." Please pray for the leaders of the Bible Institute and their interactions with the students. Even though the interactions are all online, pray for The Lord to use them to influence the students in their spiritual formation and preparation for ministry. Please pray for Word of Grace International Ministry and the new project which it will undertake. The goal of this project is to record sermons and the broadcasts from the radio show "The Bible Speaks." The recordings will all be evangelistic and will be distributed on MP3 players [ ... ]
Please continue to keep our radio ministry in your prayers. Beginning in January 2018 we plan on airing our radio programs on three secular radio stations in Ukraine. These five minute segments will air in the cities of Kiev, Donetsk and Odessa. We will also continue to air these programs on a number of Russian speaking radio stations here in the US. Pray for the Lord to reach many through these programs and for the hearts of the hearers to be transformed by Biblical truth. We wholeheartedly thank each of you who prayed for the fall session in the School of Biblical Preaching on Systematic Theology. The brothers who attended the session share that the presentation of the subject matter, the depths of the truths taught and the interaction with the instructors and other [ ... ]
Word of Grace Bible Institute is currently working on creating a new schedule for the new round of its online program. New courses and seminars will be added to that program. Please pray: For the Lord to bless the work being done by the staff of the institute, for wisdom in creating the new curriculum. For this project to serve as training and help in students’ ministries as well as an instrument of personal growth and strengthening in their faith. Please continue to pray for the School of Biblical preaching in Rovno (Ukraine) and its upcoming Fall session on “Systematic Theology.” Please pray: For the Lord to bless the instructors in preparing the material. For all students and staff to safely arrive at the location where the Fall session will be taught. For this time to become a fruitful influence in the [ ... ]
The Lord has blessed WGBC’s radio ministry abundantly over the course of the last year. At this time, the five-minute program titled ’The Bible Speaks’ airs on Russian radio stations in Portland, Vancouver, Spokane, Sacramento, and Kiev, Ukraine. There’s a particularly strong demand coming in from Ukraine, which opens a door for working with secular radio stations, thus being able to reaching unbelieving Ukrainians. The School of Biblical Preaching is preparing for the Fall session, which will cover ’Systematic Theology.’ The instructors will be Vitali Rozhko and Andrey Rezunenko. This will be the first time these two men teach this course [ ... ]
Word of Grace International Ministry staff is sincerely grateful for your prayers for the past conferences in Ukraine and Germany. The Lord has answered these prayers and richly blessed these events providing the opportunity to serve many souls through preaching and teaching. During the conference in Odessa, Ukraine, our brothers received a request from pastors in Mariupol who attended the conference. These men are asking us to come next year and conduct a conference in their city in order to equip church leaders and preach the Gospel to unbelievers. Their city (Mariupol) is located in close proximity to the conflict zone in Ukraine. The reality and closeness of the warfare has made people a lot more open to the Gospel. Hundreds of people come to church regularly [ ... ]
Dear friends, please join us in prayer for the following prayer needs of Word of Grace: Family Conference "Reformation and the Family" in Miden (Germany), April 27-29, 2017 with V. Rozhko as the main speaker. Ask the Lord to bless this event and to use it as an instrument to build up and transform the families that will attend. Pray for God to do His work in the hearts of the listeners so they can become more grounded in truth. Also, pray for the speaker to clearly and boldly preach the Word of God. "The Man of God" Pastor’s Conference in Belaya Tserkov (Ukraine), May 9-10, 2017. Speakers of the conference: A. Kolomiytsev, V. Rozhko, A. Kalinskiy and A. Rezunenko. Please pray for the Lord to bless the speakers’ preparation so they might present the truth in wisdom [ ... ]
Dear friends, please join us in prayer for the following prayer needs of Word of Grace: We sincerely thank you all for praying for this Pastor’s Conference "Reformation Today" in Battle Ground, WA (USA). This conference was devoted to the practical significance of the core values of the Reformation for the Church and its ministers today. According to many brothers, this conference was a big blessing and encouragement in their ministry. Please continue to pray that the truths proclaimed during this event would continue to impact the hearts of the ministers, and help to edify their churches. On April 5-13, 2017, there will be a spring session held at one of the Schools of Biblical Preaching called "From Exegesis to Exposition." Andrey Rezunenko [ ... ]

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