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Dear friends, please join us in prayer for the following needs of the "Word of Grace" Ministry: The School of Biblical Preaching in Vladivostok, Russia is successfully moving forward. The second session, titled "The Principles and Practice of Studying the Scriptures" has ended. This 10-day session was attended by 35 ministers, most of whom traveled between 150 to 700 kilometers. For many of them this kind of school load is new, and for some it means trying to balance existing work and ministry. Please pray about the students’ steadfastness so they can continue on with schooling and that the material they learn would affect their personal life [ ... ]
Dear friends, please join us in prayer for the following needs of the "Word of Grace" Ministry: The WGBC annual Pastor's Conference took place on March 3-6, 2016. This conference was attended by over 400 Russian-speaking ministers from the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Lithuania. The topic of the conference was "Integrity" and the sessions were a blessing and encouragement for many men. Please pray for God's continuous work in the hearts of these men, for His truth to continue to change their hearts, making them useful tools in the hands of a Mighty God. In April of 2016 a counseling...

Christ is Risen!

Written by March 25, 2016
The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is not merely a victory over physical death but more importantly, it is the victory over spiritual death! The same power of God that raised Christ from the dead is at work and active in every true believer. It is the power that sanctifies us, enables us to be successful in the battle with sin, and gives us the opportunity to be involved in the ministry of spreading the Gospel. Christ’s victory over death provides a deep peace and true hope. He was raised from the dead, therefore we will also be raised (1 Corinthians 6:14). He has the keys to hell and eternal death in His hand. There is no power in this universe that is [ ... ]
Last fall we launched another center of the School of Biblical Preaching in the Far East region of Russia. This ministry was started as a response to a large need for training pastors in the remote areas of Primorsky Krai, Russia. More than 40 ministers became students during the first enrollment. Please pray for this course, for the education of the men training there to not only become an instrument for ministry but that it would also change their hearts before God. The WGBC annual Pastor's Conference will begin in just a few days. This conference is attended by hundreds of Russian-Speaking ministers from different countries. Please pray for God’s [ ... ]
Dear friends, please join us in prayer for the following needs of the "Word of Grace" Ministry: • The students in our online Bible Institute beginning the "Survey of the New Testament" class. Please pray about the hearts of these students and that they would become instruments of influence in their local churches. • The parenting class that will be taking place at our church. For it to be a blessing and a help for parents in raising their children. • We are planning our annual conference for ministers, called "Shepherding today", in March of this year. We truly need God’s help and support while we prepare for this major event. • We are in the process of transferring [ ... ]
We Christians are the happiest people in this world. Our Christmas spirit is not merely fueled with Christmas lights in the streets, we are not much intrigued by presents under the tree, and the whole beauty of Christmas does not end for us when the decorations come down. Christ, who was born, is our celebration and our hope every day. Christmastime is when we focus our attention on the infinitely wise provision of our Lord, who sent a way out to man who has found himself in a dead end. We focus on His faithfulness to His promises, His unbelievable love and incontestable lordship over all circumstances no matter how elaborate and dramatic they may be. Today we are able to not only put our hope a promise, but a real Person. Not only on a future redemption, but on a present one. We are able to read the Old Testament and understand its depth and imagery without wondering how and through whom the Lord will send redemption [ ... ]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by November 25, 2015
Thanksgiving Day is an opportunity to express our gratitude to the Lord for His many blessings. But, perhaps it is difficult for some to thank God for the circumstances they are in today. Some have lost their job, some experience difficulties in the family, some have been given an intimidating diagnosis, some have been wounded by a careless word of another, and some, as they gather around the Thanksgiving table, grieve for the absence of spiritual unity... The Lord Jesus, having no need of people and their worship, impoverished Himself... He left no good thing to remain, nothing. He invested Himself for our salvation and sanctification. No matter how great the abundance of good things that a man may surround himself with, there will come a day when he will lose it all. However, Scripture tells us about investments [ ... ]

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Written by November 24, 2015
Dear friends and fellow workers in the work of God, we are grateful to the Lord and you for the disposition of your heart, the prayers, and for the financial help. We are grateful that you have become contributors to our ministry, supporting the preaching of the Gospel throughout the world. What God is doing today through "Word of Grace" ministry is possible only thanks to the collaborative effort of many people such as yourself. We understand that every cent we receive is your conscious sacrifice to the Lord, and so, with a full sense of responsibility before God, we make every effort to apply these resources in a way that will make them the most effective [ ... ]
It’s a privilege to get to know believers whose spiritual maturity overrules the glory of their career success. Especially, if you are talking about an active astronaut. Enjoy our conversation with Jeffrey Williams, who has three space flights behind him and one coming. This August our church enjoyed his seminar "God’s Greatness in Creation" and sweet fellowship with him and his wife. – In choosing an astronaut career you probably understood that it would require a change of priorities. What prompted you to pursue this goal? – It was a series of experiences, opportunities and influences over the years. Entering the military and being exposed to the possibility of becoming a pilot after I got started in the academy – that was one key component. Then being influenced by some instructors of mine, and their [ ... ]

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