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Prophets in the Life of a Believer Seminar

The prophetic books of the Old Testament are some of the more difficult portions of the Bible for believers to understand and apply. They are often skipped in entirety or merely skimmed through. Yet at the same time some of our favorite prophetic passage about Jesus find their place in those books. How are we to understand the prophets? What relevance do they have for contemporary Christians? These, along with other questions will be answered during this seminar. As a focus to show how the principles work in real life, the focus will be the book of Zechariah.


Dr. Bill BarrickDr. William Barrick is Professor of Old Testament and Director of Th.D. Studies at The Master’s Seminary (Sun Valley, CA). From 1981 to 1997, he was affiliated with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, where he served as the exegetical consultant for Bible translation projects, theological consultant for the literature division, and an adjunct faculty member of the Baptist Bible Institute of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Theological Seminary, and the Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary Extensions Program in Singapore. From 1972 to 1978 he was also Professor and Chairman of the Old Testament Department at Denver Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dr. Barrick has contributed to Bible translations in six languages, authored 24 books, and written more than one hundred scholarly articles and reviews. He has been married to his wife Barbara for 48 years. They have four married children and fourteen grandchildren.


September 25, 2015
1. What Can I Know about the Future?
William D. Barrick
September 25, 2015
2. Principles for Interpreting the Old Testament Prophets
William D. Barrick
September 26, 2015
3. The Prophets and God’s Redemption Program
William D. Barrick
September 26, 2015
4. Studies in the Prophecies of Zechariah (part 1)
William D. Barrick
September 26, 2015
5. Studies in the Prophecies of Zechariah (part 2)
William D. Barrick
September 26, 2015
6. Studies in the Prophecies of Zechariah (part 3)
William D. Barrick
September 26, 2015
7. Studies in the Prophecies of Zechariah (part 4)
William D. Barrick
September 26, 2015
8. Questions & Answers
William D. Barrick


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