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Eugene Shkarovskiy

Eugene Shkarovskiy

Eugene Shkarovskiy was born in the city of Dzhambul (Kazakhstan) in a family of Christians. Having lived eight years in Novorossiysk (Russia), in 1991 Eugene, along with his parents, moved to the USA.

The essence of true Christianity became clear to him from the sermons and practical life of Word of Grace Bible Church pastor, Alexey Kolomiytsev. Having come to the Lord, Eugene acquired a passion for helping other young people find joy in submission to Christ. The best school of shepherding for Eugene became the context of the local Word of Grace Bible Church, and his teachers — the elders and brothers of this church. Eugene has also completed the Word of Grace Bible Institute program.

In 2008 Eugene was ordained to ministry and was the youth ministry leader in the church until June of 2011, at which point he became the pastor of the Next Generation ministry — a post he presently occupies.

While serving in the church, Eugene also currently works as a registered nurse outside the church. In the summer of 2006, Eugene has also enrolled in one of the greatest schools by marrying Irina... Together they are raising three children.


Latest sermons by this teacher

Witnesses to the Good News
December 16, 2018

Witnesses to the Good News

1882_121618 Eugene Shkarovskiy
John 3:16-18
Appreciating the Incarnation
December 9, 2018

Appreciating the Incarnation

1878_120918 Eugene Shkarovskiy
John 1:1-18
Love Your Church
April 29, 2018

Love Your Church

1784_042918 Eugene Shkarovskiy
Ephesians 4:1-6
The Healer
April 8, 2018

The Healer

1775_040818 Eugene Shkarovskiy
Mark 3:7-12
January 7, 2018


1735_010718 Eugene Shkarovskiy
Mark 1:2-8
The Song of Life
December 17, 2017

The Song of Life

1726_121717 Eugene Shkarovskiy
Psalm 117

Recent Sermons

Sermon Series

  • Who are We? An Upstream Primer
  • Philippians
  • Book of Jonah: In Pursuit of Rebels


  • Reality Conference 2017
  • Women's Conference
  • Ekklesia Camp (2011)

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